Top 12 Reasons to Consider Hutchinson

1. Workforce

Available. Educated. Technical. Great work ethic. That pretty much says it all. Hutchinson has the workforce your company needs. Over the years, 3M expanded their Hutchinson facility multiple times for one very key reason: workforce. Companies like Warrior Manufacturing and Customer Elation expanded to Hutchinson for the same reasons – a great workforce that’s readily available.

2. Building Space

“Available and ready to go now.” We believe that’s what businesses want to hear. Hutchinson has over 100,000 square feet of first-class office space available for your company today. 30,000 square feet of high-bay manufacturing space is being planned as a “virtual” spec building – saving your company valuable months when is comes time to expand.

3. “Shovel Ready” Industrial Park

Over 48 acres of “shovel ready” industrial lots are available right now in Hutchinson’s new state-of-the-art industrial park. No assessments; and at only $30,000 per acre it’s some of the least expensive industrial park land you’ll find anywhere. Best of all – for qualifying projects – it’s FREE.

4. Location

Centrally located in Minnesota, Hutchinson is just one hour away from the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, Willmar, New Ulm & Mankato. It’s also on the intersection of State Highways 7 & 15; providing your company easy access to Minnesota and the world.

5. Local Banking

In sharp contrast to other locales, there is no “credit crunch” in Hutchinson. Local banks are making business loans and getting deals done!

6. Reliable Power – Top 5% Nationally

If power reliability is a consideration for your company, it won’t be in Hutchinson! That because Hutchinson Utilities provides some of the more reliable power in the entire nation.

With industry leading CAIDI, SAIDI & SAIFI ratings, Hutchinson Utilities is one of only 94 utilities in the nation (out of more than 2,000) to earn Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3 ®) recognition from the American Public Power Association.

7. Industry Cluster: Precision, high-tech manufacturing

Hutchinson is home to an industry cluster of precision, high-tech manufacturing. That contributes to increased productivity and more rapid innovation for local companies.

Not only does Hutchinson have a family of high-technology manufacturers, but we also have the support services (education, customized training, etc.) those companies need to compete on a global basis. In short, conditions in Hutchinson are ideal for high-tech companies!

8. Business Support

No matter what it might be, your company will find the business support services it needs in Hutchinson. Between them, the Southwest Initiative Foundation, the Small Business Development Center and Ridgewater College have the resources, training and technical programs your company needs to thrive!

9. City Utilities

If your company is a significant user of water and wastewater you are welcome in Hutchinson! That’s because Hutchinson, unlike many communities, has abundant water & wastewater capacity!

A brand new water treatment facility and a recently upgraded wastewater treatment plant provide Hutchison with enormous capacity and state-of-the-art environmental quality.

10. City & Community

The Hutchinson community is known for having a progressive, “can do” attitude – and it shows. Time is money. The City’s famous “one stop shop” helps developers work through the permitting and approval process quickly and efficiently – allowing you to start construction in 60 days or less!

A fiscally responsible municipal government, a strong downtown, top-tier education & healthcare systems, an outstanding municipal airport, a huge city park & trail system and extensive recreational programs all testify to the fact that the Hutchinson community strives for excellence in all that it does.

11. Economic Development Authority

The Hutchinson Economic Development Authority (EDA) is known for getting things done.

With abundant resources, highly trained staff, and a reputation for outstanding customer service, the Hutchinson EDA will be the “go to” organization to get you to the right people, coordinate the appropriate meetings, facilitate required services, provide leadership on your behalf and act as your company’s advocate not just during the course of your project – but for as long as your company is a part of our local economy.

Your company will have a valuable ally in the Hutchinson EDA!

12. Award Winning Economic Development!

The Hutchinson EDA was named as the winner of the “Business Recruitment Award” in 2010 by the Economic Development Association of Minnesota (EDAM). Competing against the State of Georgia, the Hutchinson EDA successfully recruited NuCrane Manufacturing to Minnesota.

The Hutchinson EDA will provide you with that same award winning effort & expertise!