The Advantages of a Manufacturing City

Hutchinson Manufacturing in Hutchinson, MNHere in Hutchinson, we know a lot about building things and making things better.  The diverse workforce uses the latest technology to build the products of tomorrow.  After speaking to Tom Daggett of Hutchinson Manufacturing, he has a keen outlook on the advantages a vibrant manufacturing base offers to its community.

Variety of Business

Hutchinson is successful because it offers multiple manufacturing options.   Many different types of products, reflect a higher level of education and training.  “When you compare Hutchinson, a multi-company manufacturing community to a similar community that is food-processing based, Hutchinson has a highly trained, talented and educated population of workers.  This benefits the overall community, from education to cultural initiatives.  Ridgewater College offers the nationally recognized NDT (non-Destructive Testing) which helps businesses and nuclear plants test the quality of their welds and that education supports the manufacturing businesses,” said Tom Daggett.

Location, Location, Location

Dagget says the businesses should be here because we are so close to a major market. “Hutchinson can get educated employees and service from the city; but still have a rural work ethic: the best of both worlds.  There is easy access to supply chain/distribution and to customers.  Dedicated rural employees coupled with metropolitan access are just minutes down the road.”

Room to Grow

Tom Dagget of Hutchinson ManufacturingThe city philosophy mirrors that of Dagget, he explains, “The attitude of the Planning/Zoning has done a great job of looking for ways to make economic development happen.  The Chamber of Commerce and Southwest Initiative Foundation encourage businesses, like 3M and Hutchinson Technology and spinoff companies from other organizations to buy local when it make sense.”

Dagget concludes that start ups should go to Southwest Initiative Foundation to connect with others and learn about options to underwrite funding.  He also advises new businesses to work with a Hutchinson bank. “If you think a big chain bank should be your local bank, you will have issues trying to get financing and the personal attention a small business needs.  Local financing can be critical for success.”

Hutchinson has an available, affordable and highly skilled manufacturing workforce of thousands that is turnkey ready for your business.  Tom Dagget’s family and Hutchinson Manufacturing are a testament to that relationship between business and community.

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