A City of Opportunities

From its early days, Hutchinson has been a place where arts, parks and commerce have merged together to create a way of life that residents are proud to call home. From cultural events and the arts, to businesses and  an environmentally conscientious community, Hutchinson is a model for 21st century cities. Hutchinson has the nation’s second oldest city park system (only New York City’s Central Park is older).

Steve Cook, the current Mayor of Hutchinson explains where Hutchinson has been and where it is going. “I describe Hutchinson’s culture as conservative and progressive. We provide amenities and quality of life for families and an educated workforce for the businesses in town. We believe arts and historic preservation is important. Our river’s beauty is enhanced by the many parks (well above national average for a community this size). Our natural resources are important to our way of life; we were the 2nd Tree City USA in the state.” [Read more…]