Strong Past, Stronger Future

Corey Stearns of StearnswoodAny business looking at coming into a community like Hutchinson is bound to consider longevity and stability, and nothing speaks to this like a business who’s made the decision to stay for over 120 years.

Stearnswood has been an important part of Hutchinson for over a century and is proud to call this community home. Corey Stearns, President of Stearnswood knows his company and Hutchinson have evolved together over time. “My father sponsored the first redevelopment of the downtown area in the 1960. He also helped bring to town anchor businesses like JC Penny’s, Rexall Drug, Red Owl, Woolworths, and Walgreen’s back before there was an EDA.”

Longevity and stability of a community is often traced to strong leadership and vision, something that Stearnswood has helped provide through the years. When Stearns went through the intensive Blandin Community Leadership Program, he embraced the roll of leadership and the legacy his family believed belonged in Hutchinson, MN. “Our roots and our family believes in ‘giving-back’. My great-grandfather went to New York and convinced Andrew Carnegie to build a library in Hutchinson. We have since created the Stearns Foundation that donates to local non-profits. We give money locally, and we are blessed to be in a good community.”

“Our family believes in giving back. We are blessed to be in a good community.”

The Future of Hutchinson

Hutchinson has a strong future ahead, based in part to the collaboration of people. According to Stearns, seemingly unrelated companies are creating something new and different. This unique business climate means “people collaborate on ideas and then build a better idea. Things keep moving, if you make connections. No one really puts together a nuclear and metal company which doesn’t seem intuitive, yet NuCrane is a local business that was created from collaboration!”

Stearns is energized by the fact that “Hutchinson is full of undiscovered gems, like GRKreations Direct-little guys doing nice work. People care here to make things successful.”

“Hutchinson is full of undiscovered gems. People care here to make things successful.”

Hutchinson is now on the verge of a new-era metamorphosis. Business and community leaders are pushing for more improvements for a stronger future. “The old railroad depot is being updated so it can hold the Farmer’s Market. Our downtown is looking vibrant with the State Theater, Library, and Center for the Arts. We are becoming an ‘arts’ community, something that draws visitors to the area.  People are excited to move onto Main Street and to make it more pedestrian friendly. People on the outside of the city are focused on redevelopment and bringing things together,” says Stearns.

Hutchinson has a strong past and an even stronger future. “In 20 years Hutchinson downtown will be totally different than it is today. My vision is to see cars on downtown streets at all times to keep people filling our economic bucket. That is the key to keeping the town growing.”

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