Pedaling Forward with Outdoor Motion

After changing from a career in social studies to owning a cycling shop, Chad Czmowski has been a business owner, a City Council Member and has participated in numerous community committees for the City of Hutchinson.

Chad purchased Outdoor Motion from the original owners and has expanded the business as a regional expert in the growth sport of cycling. Czmowski says, “Cycling is a growing sport and people can do a loop around town without riding on the streets. The cycling public and consumers are more educated in the sport than they used to be. People know there are knowledgeable cycling experts in our shop, so they can keep the business in town. My dream is to have the Luce Line or Dakota trails paved into Hutchinson, so we could get more of the distance cycling traffic.”

High Rate of Manufacturing Jobs Directly Correlates to Other Areas of Business Growth

Czmowski thinks that the high rate of manufacturing jobs is important for a community to be successful and that success is also built upon by other types of businesses. He states, “It is a bit surprising for a business, like NuCrane, which builds nuclear power plant parts to ship to China, to be in Hutchinson, but great for the community.”

Czmowski says that an important component to Hutchinson’s success is the people within organizations. “If you are involved in community activities, more people know about you and can be supportive of your business. Hutchinson is a community with unique, small businesses that fill niches. I am on the EDA and Jaycees; those organizations have extended my network. By participating in lots of activities, you can get a lot of word of mouth exposure for your business; however, you need to be sincere about why you are participating in civic organizations. Being on the City Council has shown me who cares about the community and who puts in the time (and elbow grease) in organizing and participating in activities.”

“Hutchinson is a city that stays on the front edge of other communities.”

“Hutchinson is a city that stays on the front edge of other communities. People are qualified for what they do; there is no attitude that we are “finished or always done”. We are a nice community that is big enough to have amenities, but small enough to feel like a “real community” and that is why Czmowski keeps his business in Hutchinson!


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