New Ventures Take Root

Tim Ulrich of Citizens BankHutchinson has always made it a priority to have a vibrant industrial park and land available for small and large businesses to take root.

Tim Ulrich, the President of the local Citizen’s Bank and Trust shares  his sentiments about Hutchinson. “Businesses should choose Hutchinson because it is a nice community with a great location, amenities, and everything a business needs is right here or close by.”  Ulrich is also a member of the Hutchinson EDA, and he has a lot to say about the role of business development and growth within the area.

Citizens Bank in Hutchinson“New ventures can usually be financed locally. The downtown association and the EDA have loan funds available for our thriving downtown district. We are always interested in local opportunities and are responsive to organizations who want to grow. Hutchinson has the tools and resources to get it done,” says Ulrich.

The Citizen’s Bank and Trust, where Ulrich is President, has been in Hutchinson since 1886 and has always been a strong supporter of business growth. “It is a forward thinking community,” says Ulrich.

City leaders, financial institutions, and development organizations know how to utilize local and state resources, including grant writing experience to help a business get on its feet. It is this kind of synergy and collaboration that makes Hutchinson the top choice of new and expanding companies.

“It is a forward thinking community.”

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