Improve Your Bottom Line

Utilities can be a large expense to any size business and impact the bottomline. That’s why Hutchinson devotes time to helping reduce overhead expenses like utilities through reliability, cost saving measures, and renewable energy.

Mike Kumm, General Manager of Hutchinson Utilities, believes in helping companies come to Hutchinson. “When a business moves to town, we offer a One-Stop Shop” meeting at City Hall with all the local utilities.   We talk to the developer to make things easier for the business.”

“When a business moves to town, we offer a One-Stop Shop meeting at City Hall with all the local utilities.”

Hutchinson Utilities MNHutchinson is proud to offer companies a utility service that is Ranked in the Top 5% Nationally for reliability. All businesses will agree that up-time is critical to profits and bottomline. The reliability of Hutchinson Utilities will ensure your business operates smoothly, due in large part to nearly 100% of all the power being underground. This is good news, as power to your business is less susceptible to weather.

More Cost Saving Measures

Utility rates in Hutchinson have remained stable. Kumm explains, “We’ve received numerous accolades because our rates have remained stable. We generate and buy electrical power off the market by taking operating income to obtain wholesale benefits. In fact, one business moved to our community because of our reliability and cost saving measures. In January 2006 the rates for 800KW hours of electricity were the same as the rates in December 2010!”

Another of the cutting edge projects the utilities department is working on is the Smart Metering Initiative:

  • No physical reader of meters
  • Energy savings through right-size solutions (load transfer, change transformers out)
  • Read systems simultaneously to find efficiency; identifying problems quicker, working on environmental and regulatory reporting, and establishing a “green rate of local sourced energy vs green energy

“One business moved to our community because of our reliability and cost saving measures”

Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Hutchinson has a unique approach to viewing conservation and a diverse supply of renewable energy that is acquired through wind farms, water, nuclear and coal. The city has won a Tree Power Award from the State Arborist from an initiative over the past decade to plant more than 30,000 trees around the city for energy conservation and cost savings. Hutchinson was also featured in the Wall Street Journal as a utility on an aggressive track to have 25% of base-load energy acquired through renewable energy resources.

“Our fundamental objective is to manage the energy supply for our community,” says Kumm who goes on to talk about the valuable pro-active approach Hutchinson Utility takes to help businesses. “We meet with our largest customers and explain what affected them last year and potential areas of concern for the next year.”


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