Q: Why is Hutchinson “Minnesota’s Manufacturing City?”

A: Hutchinson is Minnesota’s manufacturing city because nearly 45% of our local workforce is engaged in manufacturing occupations, virtually the highest percentage of any city in the state. Combine that with the fact that we have an “industry cluster” of precision, high-tech manufacturers, and it becomes clear that Hutchinson really is Minnesota’s manufacturing city – it’s what we do, it’s our heritage, and it’s our future!

Q: What is an “industry cluster?”

A: Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter popularized the concept of “industry clusters” in his 1990 book The Competitive Advantage of Nations. An industry cluster forms when sufficient resources and knowledge amass in a particular location (like Hutchinson!) that it gains a sustainable, decisive competitive advantage over other locations.

According to Dr. Porter, industry clusters yield three distinct advantages: 1) Companies in the cluster enjoy increased productivity; there are higher levels of innovation within the cluster, and; 3) new business creation is stimulated.

Q: What is Hutchinson’s economic development strategy?

A: Our strategy is to:

  1. Nurture our existing business base
  2. Maximize readiness for economic development: workforce, building space, industrial park space, project financing, and more!
  3. Reinforce success – capitalize on being an industry cluster of high-tech precision manufacturing.
  4. Capitalize on emerging trends:
    a. Resurgence of manufacturing in America
    b. Renewable energy
    c. Biosciences
  5. Exploit technology
  6. Emphasize our strengths:
    a. Outstanding workforce
    b. Available building space
    c. “Shovel-ready” industrial park
    d. Great location
    e. Strong local banking
    f.  Extremely reliable power
    g. Existing industry cluster
    h. Robust business support
    i. Abundant city water & waste-water capacity
    j. Progressive city & community
    k. Strong local economic development organization

Q: Why the emphasis on business retention & expansion?

A: There are two reasons:

  1. The number one source of new job creation in any community is its existing business base.
  2. We feel that the best “marketing campaign” of all is a well satisfied customer!

Q: Where can I find more data and information about what Hutchinson has to offer?

A: An abundance of data for businesses can be found at the website of the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority: www.hutchinsoneda.com