Business and Property Ownership in Hutchinson, MN

Jeff and Scott Haag are two brothers from Hutchinson, MN who are business and property owners offering their perspective on the life-blood of Hutchinson.

Jeff Haag owns property in Hutchinson and has a different perspective than his brother, Scott, but they come together when talking about their experiences as business owners within the community. Jeff notes, “Hutchinson is great for businesses, a central location to market a business, close to an airport and the metro area. We are a healthy, upscale community.” Scott Haag, who manages Hillyard at the Hutchinson location agrees, “Hutchinson is a successful community.”

Scott explains the importance of networking. “Networking through the Chamber is where you can search and find new people and connections. Most of our employees live within 25 miles of Hutchinson” Jeff Haag says that networks play a role in business formation in Hutchinson, but the most important component all of these groups have in common is community involvement.

Networks Share Critical Knowledge

Jeff uses networks to find tenants for his properties by talking to a cross-section of individuals within the community. “It is important to connect with all of them.” As part of the business community, the Haags see how networking and collaboration have helped Hutchinson during global economic challenges, “the city has been aggressive to fill in the voids that are there from some of the recent layoffs and the economic recession. Networks evolve and change. The city has done its best to open the area to new markets. They are great about creating networking among the business owners and share the knowledge of what is going on in their newsletters. Their emails and communication to business managers have improved. Mankato and St. Cloud are very aggressive business centers, but Hutchinson can hold its own with these cities.”

While many new businesses typically don’t have the fiscal resources to get started, Jeff Haag explains that new business ventures can often be financed locally. “Relationships are key to do things. The Economic Development Authority (EDA) has helped me with loan programs. [The] Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF) helps with micro loans and guides entrepreneurs. EDA & SWIF are flexible and customer-driven; it’s a great combination.”

“The Hutchinson EDA & SWIF are flexible and customer-driven; it’s a great combination.”

Scott also notes, “We are connected to other businesses in Hutchinson through the Chamber.” Jeff Haag concludes, “Hutchinson is more friendly, customer driven and willing to help with planning and zoning than ever before. In today’s economy we can’t afford to make people jump through hoops. There is a great attitude and spirit within the community to help businesses grow.”


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