About Hutchinson

EDA BusinessesHutchinson is a center for high-technology precision manufacturing in Minnesota. In fact, it is Minnesota’s manufacturing city! Why? Because Hutchinson has a higher percentage of its workforce employed in manufacturing than virtually any other city in the state!

World class companies such as Hutchinson Technology Inc., 3M, NuCrane Mfg., Ohly, Hutchinson Manufacturing, Goebel Fixture Company, Warrior Mfg. and Nordic Components provide ample proof that Hutchinson is a “technology town” and a great place to do business.

In addition to being a center for precision manufacturing, Hutchinson serves as the regional hub for work, education, shopping and entertainment – accounting for about 75% of all retail sales and 73% of all population growth in McLeod County over the past two decades. Location and a high-technology-based economy are the primary catalysts that have kept Hutchinson growing at a rate twice as fast as the State of Minnesota as a whole.

Quality of Life

Library Square in downtown Hutchinson

Hutchinson can offer companies the rare combination of big-city amenities and small-town charm.

Excellent shopping opportunities, a wide variety of restaurants and a multitude of entertainment options provide residents of Hutchinson with all the amenities of much larger cities without the crime, traffic and pollution often found in metro areas.

At the same time, big-city entertainment opportunities such professional sports, the theater, concerts and museums are just an hour away in the Twin Cities.

The scenic Crow River runs through downtown Hutchinson

With more than 25 parks and 375 acres of playgrounds, Hutchinson has one of the largest park systems in the State of Minnesota. In addition, the 63-mile Luce Line Trail provides an unrivaled opportunity for hiking, horseback riding, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Because of Hutchinson’s high quality of life, companies located in our community can offer prospective employees a lot more than just salary & benefits.